Oil Change Services

Top-Notch Oil Change Services

Drop Your Car off for an Oil Change

Whether you are currently driving an old car or a brand new car, it is important to change the oil. Stop by Valhalla Volvo and we will take care of your car and change the oil. Our oil filter replacement service can also ensure that you have a trouble-free ride every time you take the wheel. Visit us at 2540 Hartnell Ave #7 today to use our oil change services.

Know When to Change Your Oil

Depending on your vehicle make and model, the oil needs to be changed at specific intervals. If you are not sure when it should be changed, contact us or your dealership. Below are the most common intervals:
  • Every 3 months or 3,000 miles
  • Every 5 months or 5,000 miles
  • Every 12 months or 10,000 miles
You will get a complete 50-point inspection when you choose our oil change service. At our facility, FREE Wi-Fi is available. Our professionals are ASE-certified.

Our Professionals Can Help You Extend the Life of Your Car Engine

Oil changes help protect your vehicle engine from over use and extend its life. If you have a new car, oil changes are important for maintaining extended warranties. Follow the manufacturer's oil change schedule and it will help your vehicle's performance.
You will stand to gain a lot by using our oil replacement services. Although we specialize in different Volvo models, we can handle the repair jobs of other makes and models.
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