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A Reliable Auto Repair Shop Which Has Been Serving Redding for the Last 11 Years

Auto Service

Service as Good as That Provided by Your Dealer

Valhalla Volvo provides the same services as your dealership, without all the hassle. We offer FREE estimates. 6-month and 2-year WARRANTIES are available on parts.
Our Auto Services
Brake Repair

Repairs Handled by Certified Technicians

Are you looking for comprehensive auto repairs that are completed by experienced technicians? Valhalla Volvo has the tools and knowledge needed to provide you with high-quality repairs.
Our Brake Services
Oil Change

Auto Repairs That We Provide

Valhalla Volvo provides comprehensive auto repairs that includes brake repairs, heating and AC repair, tune-ups, oil changes, and steering and suspension tune-up. Call us at 530-221-8722.
Our Oil Change Services

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Military Discount
10% OFF
If you are a member of the military, you can enjoy this special discount on the services provided by Valhalla Volvo.
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